Safety Tips

Personal Safety Tips

The following are tips that can help you avoid becoming a victim of a crime when you are out and about, or working at your job.  By taking a few simple precautions, you can reduce the risk to yourself, and also discourage those who commit crimes.  Burglars, robbers, and thieves seek primarily to remove cash or property.  Many such intruders are capable of harming people with little provocation, so whether at work, at home, or out on the street, these precautions should be taken. At Home Always leave your headlights on when arriving home after dark until you have unlocked the garage door, or unlocked the front door. Have the door key in your hand so you can open the door immediately when you return home. When moving into a new apartment or residence, ALWAYS have the locks re-keyed, or changed. Know who is at your door before opening it. Wide angle door viewers (180 degrees or 190 degrees) enable you to identify the visitor.  You can see the person, that person can’t see you. Never rely on chain locks. They are a privacy lock, but not a security lock. Never dress in front of windows, always close your drapes. Never let anyone into your home without proper identification. Don’t be afraid to ask for identification. Always leave outside lights on after dark, or use motion lights. If you receive a wrong number phone call, don’t give out your name or phone number. If you receive an obscene phone call, hang up. In an apartment building, NEVER be alone in the laundry room. If you suspect anyone is in your house, do not... read more

Safety tips for students

Don’t be a statistic. Staying safe is all about following a few common-sense guidelines.   SAFETY TIPS:   Many burglaries happen when a door or window has been left open – in a private home or flat, lock up whenever you go out, with deadbolts if you have them In a hall of residence, be careful who you let in or who follows you into the building – lock your bedroom door even if you are only going down the corridor Robbers are after an easy target – walk in groups at night! If possible, use cash-machines during the day – put your card and cash away and be vigilant – never write down your PIN Always lock your car and put valuables out of sight – never leave the keys in the ignition even when paying for petrol After a night out, arrange to go home with friends or stay over at your friends. To prevent spiking, don’t leave drinks unattended Be vigilant when using your mobile phone – if your phone is stolen, call your network to immobilise it Protect yourself with insurance – keep lists of the make, model and serial numbers of your electronic items to help police track them down if they are stolen Mark your property with the initials of your university and your student ID number – this makes it harder for a burglar to sell stolen goods and can help the police to return items to... read more

Safety tips at cashpoints

SAFETY TIPS:   Never divulge your personal identification number (PIN) to anyone Be quick and do not hang around the cashpoint when you have completed your transactions Try not to use a cashpoint late at night or in a deserted street Abort if you become suspicious of anyone watching you or behaving suspiciously Never count your money on the street, put it away as soon as possible Do not write your PIN down even if it is disguised or in... read more

Safety tips for women

Safety Tips:   Always be aware of your surroundings – This applies whether you are traveling alone or in groups. Do not just focus inwardly on your thoughts if you are alone, or your friends if you are together. Keep one eye out for your environment, looking out for suspicious characters, possible danger, etc. Also, do not assume that because your area has been “safe” thus far, that it will continue to be so. Travel in groups – “There is safety in numbers” is not just a cliché. Its true. Make a point of traveling together with others, whether its on public transportation, on campus, in cars, etc. Change the route you normally travel by – If you have taken the same bus, train or highway to get to work or school, change your route. Even if it takes you a little longer, your safety is more important. By changing your route, you can avert possible attacks or harassment from those who know your schedule, method and route of travel well. Please note though that you should avoid short cuts that take you through unfamiliar or unsafe areas. Look confident – Walk with a straight posture and your arms swinging by your sides. Avoid slouching or walking like a victim. This makes you an easy target for attackers. When riding by public transportation choose the right seat – If you are riding by bus or train, do not sit on the window seat as you may be “blocked in” by a potential assailant. Always select the seat next to the aisle so that you can quickly leave if necessary.... read more

Safety tips for men

Personal safety is not just a women’s issue, it affects men as well!   FACT:  Men are twice as likely to be the victim of a violent attack as women.   SAFETY TIPS:   Don’t be flash with your cash or mobile phones, keep their use discreet and put them away after use. Don’t carry them in an obvious manner. Try not to carry your wallet in your back trouser pocket where it is vulnerable and in clear view. Walk purposefully and appear confident without being aggressive. Avoid wearing headphones or chatting on your mobile when walking down the street alone, this will prevent you from hearing any danger warning signals. Be wary of casual requests from strangers, like someone asking for a cigarette or change – keep them politely at a distance. Carry a small tazer/stun-gun they are not just for women these can be used to shock and disorientate an attacker gaining vital seconds for you to get away. If you hear or see trouble ahead, then cut off or turn around before you get to it and head to the nearest safe place, such as a garage, police station or anywhere where there will be lots of people. Remember, alcohol severely affects your ability to make safe judgements. The majority of violent attacks on young men take place in or around licensed premises. Think about how much you drink and the type of places you go drinking. If you are trapped in an aggressive situation, then try and stay calm and talk your way out of it. Physical self-defence should only be a last resort. It... read more